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Excavator Drill Rigs

The Sunward SWDR 138 Excavator Drill Rig is the only OEM approved excavator drill rig available for blast hole drilling in surface mining, construction, and quarries. With hole diameters ranging from 105mm to 165mm and hole depths up to 36m, the SWDR 138 is the most versatile and flexible drilling rig available on the market.

SWDR138 Excavator Drill Rig

SWDR138 Cutting Drill Rig

Drill rod length: 5m×7
Drill rod diameter: 89mm
Drill range: 90~165mm

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Azize Equipment (Pty) Ltd has sole distribution rights from Sunward Intelligent Equipment Company Ltd, as the South African distributor and servicing agent of Sunward drill rigs, excavation equipment and earthmoving equipment to the mining and other industries across Southern Africa

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